Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Recovery

Since I work from home, and apparently have no life outside of running, the last two days have felt like I've been sick. There have been no long runs or two-a-days or hard workouts - just working, eating, drinking, and sleeping. Of course this is a good thing - but, it's an odd adjustment. I can't even seem to get off my good nutritional habits as much as I hoped - yes, I've had a few ice cream & brownie sundaes and some good beer - but, most of my meals are still straight out of my plan that Melissa helped me with - what's the fun in that?!!

I've elevated my legs a few times and had a cold water bath last night. Next week, after my muscles have healed a little, I'm planning on a massage.

Tomorrow is my first run since the marathon. Given the amount of soreness that I have right now - I'm not sure that I'll be able to make it the planned four miles. We'll see.

In the longer term I'll be running only easy miles until June. My mileage will be increasing from 30 miles next week to 65 miles the last week of May. I'm trying to give my self plenty of time to recover - because from June - October I'm planning a lot of intense training - not as many miles as I've been running for Boston, but a larger percentage of hard mileage.

This doesn't have anything to do with my recovery - but, I realized today that my time at the Miami half-marathon, which was planned to be at marathon pace, was only three seconds off the pace I ran at Boston (Miami - 1:16:19; Boston - 2:32:35) - weird.


brennan said...

However at Boston you didn't have me holding you back...

RM said...


Although I would guess that at both races, Ben had just as many people lined up ahead of him. Of course at Miami, only about 4 of those people were qualified to be ahead of him.