Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Other Boston Blogs

I feel very humbled that more people than just my mother and Ryan are reading the blog. It's definitely helped me to stick to my plan - and if it's helped anybody else then that's awesome.

Over the last few years there has been an explosion of running related blogs in the Baltimore/DC area. Just on the Georgetown Running site and Baltimore's TWSS there are links for almost 30 running related blogs - most of them from runners in the area. And those blogs link up with other blogs - forming a vast network of running geeks from all over.

I thought I'd share some of my favorite Boston marathon blogs. Probably the number one blog for Boston centric content is aptly named "The Ultimate Guide to the Boston Marathon". Although the blog is from 2007 - it has a lot of Boston info that is still relevant. I was hoping to have as much Boston related content as John H. - but, it didn't quite happen.

Another blog that caught my attention is from Tom from Anchorage - yes Anchorage, Alaska. Not only has he logged some decent training - but, he's done it in the winter - in Alaska. "Wow" - is all I can say.

There are two decent "main stream media" blogs/sites - Boston.com and Runners World. Plenty to keep us busy as our tapers suddenly give us more time in our lives.


THE KRIS said...

come on ben, you know i read this and that should be all the humbling you need. also, a heads up about your mom might have been nice several months ago... not that i would ever use bad language, i'm just saying.

Mark said...


the above URL for WBZ has some of the best local coverage

Good luck in Boston! Your training looks great.

Ben said...

actually my grandparents even read it - so, everyone should really be on alert ; )

thanks mark for the link!

RM said...

Ben, ahem, for one, we always post TWSS before GRC.

Secondly, I'm pretty sure yours is the only Ben's Boston Blog. It's like Ben's Chili Bowl in DC or Uncle Ben's rice bowls.

Third, I'm pretty glad nobody knows about/reads my blog that is in my family or an outsider. It would make me look crazy.

THE KRIS said...

of course ryan, it's just the blog.

catrice said...

I like your blog here! More power to you!

brooks beast