Monday, April 6, 2009

Phase 5: week 3 of 4

The taper starts now.

My "dress rehearsal" on Saturday wasn't exactly what I hoped for - but, even with a strong wind, I felt stronger as the run progressed. With a smart taper, a little added adrenaline, and good luck with the weather I still think I have a chance of sub 2:30 - but, it's gonna be tough.

This week brings a little sanity to my running schedule and diverse weather. I'm writing this from the Twin cities - where I'll be working through Thursday. Then Friday, Kendra and I head down to Orlando for a few days. It's hard to believe that a little less than a week after I come back from Florida I'll be heading to Boston. It's been a long time coming. Over the last 22 weeks (the first week of November, when I "officially started my Boston training) I've run over 1,700 miles or an average of almost 78 miles per week. The barn is bursting with hay - now I just need to rest and eat smart.

Last Week
Monday: 6 miles
Tuesday morning: 4 miles
Tuesday evening: 14 mi 2X(3 mi easy 3 mi T pace) 1st 3 miler: 5:26+5:22+5:17=16:05
2nd 3 miler: 5:29+5:31+5:26=16:26 2 mi easy
Wednesday: 14.5 mi
Thursday: 9 miles 8X100m
Friday: 6 miles
Saturday: 19 miles conditions - windy 2 mi easy (5:52;5:57;5:52;5:52;5:55; 11:45 (missing marker) ;5:43;5:44;5:50;5:42;5:48;5:59;5:39;5:40=1:27:22) 2 mi easy
Sunday: 8 miles
Total: 80.5 miles

This Week
Monday: 7.5 miles
Tuesday: 10 mi 2mi easy 2X(2mi T pace 3 min rest) 4 mi easy
Wednesday: 6 mi
Thursday: 9 miles 10X100m
Friday: 4 miles
Saturday: 6.5 10X100m
Sunday: 13 miles
Total: 56 miles


brennan said...

It now comes down to the little things: rest, eating right, sleep, stretching, rolling, using the stick, keeping the head focused, etc. You know what it takes. You are ready!

RM said...

Ben, where'd you go for the long run, NCR?

Ben said...

thx brennan - i hope so.

nope ryan - ran at BWI - wanted something more rolling.