Monday, April 20, 2009

Ready for a burger and a beer

It's odd writing this thinking that my journey that started in November is now over. It's not a bad thing necessarily - I'm happy to have a little more free time and eat some very bad food for a few weeks : )

I'm fairly happy with my overall time - given that we had a 10-15 mile an hour head wind for 26.2 miles. I'll write something a little more detailed tomorrow - just thought I'd post something for anyone interested in my total time and/or splits.

5:48 5:43
5:36 5:48
5:36 5:32
5:33 11:45 (two miles - got distracted high fiving Melissa)
5:47 5:43
5:41 5:54 1:54:34 for 20
5:45 6:10 heartbreak hill
5:48 5:46
5:46 6:07
5:45 57:05 for 10 5:55
5:41 6:16
5:40 7:47 last 1.2 miles
5:43 2:32:35


THE KRIS said...

great job today, enjoy some junk food. and sleep.

Kendra said...

You are a stud. I'll be bragging about this for many years to come. Love you so much, your wife

A. K. said...

Conratulations Ben! Enjoy the beer(s) :)
Anne, Dan, Katie and Allie

SF said...

Great job today!! It's a good thing you didn't take my advice when you ran the Dexter-Ann Arbor half marathon in May 1991 when it was such a hot day and I said, "If you don't feel well, just drop out! (and then you went on to get first place in your age group)" Your proud Mom.

KLIM said...

A truly commendable effort. Great showing.

P---H said...

Way to go, Ben! Fantastic race! Enjoy the beer. I'll hope to hear more about the race soon. Thanks for letting me live my Boston dream vicariously! Paul

Ben said...

thanks everybody. The format is a little messy on my splits - I'll try to fix it tomorrow. Time to go to bed.

Mark said...

Awesome race, thanks for sharing your experience. I am old, but hope to run as fast you someday. Congratulations!

RM said...

Ben, if anyone of us had to not have a bad race yesterday, I'm glad it was you.

john said...

You are an inspiring writer, loved every minute of reading your stories....and the awesome ending...very proud of you...Great Job!