Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Another post on the taper

He's faster and he said it better than I did - Adrian Marriott, a 2:18 marathoner, with a post on the taper.

I found Adrian's post on the LetsRun message board. Somebody was complaining how bad they felt during their taper. I have to say I feel the same way. Rojo, one of the founders of Letsrun, commented on the post saying that the problem is that runners expect to feel incredible during the taper - but, that's not always the case. Echoing Jake Klim's comment earlier this week on my blog - his final advice was:

"You're either in shape or not.

You don't lose it in one week of training or in one race.

Be confident and stop thinking.

Just run."


Adrian Marriott said...

Nice blog Ben and thanks for the link ! I like the weeks training on the right side - may need to pinch that idea :-)

Good luck in Boston.


Ben said...

Wow - i'll assume this is the actual Adrian Marriott and not somebody just trying to pull my chain : ) Thanks for commenting and good luck with your next race!