Sunday, January 11, 2009

Phase 3: Week 1 of 5

The lower mileage this week certainly helped bring a little zip back to my legs. We went out to the site of the national USATF XC meet in Derwood, MD yesterday. We ran 2k and 1k repeats with 1k rest for a total of 12k. I ran the 2k's in approximately 5:30 pace per mile and the 1k's in just under 5:10 pace. Given the rolling course I felt pretty good about that. I hadn't run an XC course with spikes for over 10 years - it felt good.

Over the next four weeks I'm planning on averaging just under 90 miles per week. I'll have 3 threshold runs, 2 V02 workouts, a marathon pace run, 2 runs over 20 miles, and a 12k race. The key will be being able to recover from my workouts without sacrificing mileage. I've still got 14 weeks before Boston - so, I can't burn myself out either - it's all about walking the tightrope. Hopefully better nutrition and more active recovery will help me out.

Last week
Monday: 7 miles
Tuesday Morning: 13 miles 4 mi warmup 5X1 mi (5:39; 5:36; 5:25; 5:40; 5:28) with 1 min recovery 4 mi warmdown
Tuesday Evening: 4 miles
Wednesday: 13.5 miles
Thursday: 0 miles
Friday: 6.5 miles 8X100
Saturday: 13.5 miles total 3 mi warmup 2k ? (went wrong way) 1k 3:15 2k 6:45 1k 3:12 2k 6:50 1k rest 3 mi warmdown
Sunday: 8.5 miles
Total: 66 miles

This week
Monday morning: 4 miles
Monday evening: 6 miles
Tuesday: 12 miles 3.5 mi warmup 2X2 mi at T pace with 2 min recovery 4.5 mi warmdown
Tuesday evening: 4 miles
Wednesday: 14 miles
Thursday: 8 miles
Friday: 8 miles 10X100
Saturday: 10 miles 5X1200 at I pace 3.5 min rest or 5k/4 mile race
Sunday: 20 miles
Total: 86 miles

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