Monday, September 6, 2010

The lost week

This is not the post I wanted to write five weeks out from Chicago. The glute/hamstring issue I mentioned last week got worse. On Monday I ran for a couple of blocks before deciding that it wasn't going to happen. Tuesday I made it five minutes. Wednesday I ran 10 miles - 7 of them completely agonizing. Thursday I finally got a massage and decided that I needed to take it easy for a few more days. Saturday I made it 20 minutes on a stationary bike before the glute started to tighten up. Yesterday I felt better and ran 4 miles. Today I woke up early to do Yoga - which I think helped a little and ran 10 miles without much pain.

I modified my mileage downward this week - but if it actually goes as planned I'll be more than a little surprised. The 10 miler was decent today - but I still have some tightness. Right now I'm going through the awful calculations of figuring out how much fitness I would lose by not running vs. the chances that it will go away while I'm running. For now I'm going with the strategy of running and stretching/yoga. But that could change.

I knew that my training plan for Chicago was risky given that I've never run this many miles before. But I figure that's the only way to improve, so I'm not sorry that my volume was so high. Now I just have to play it day-by-day and figure out what plan gives me the best chance of being on that line on 10/10/10 in the best shape possible. I'm going to put off posting my plan for this week until I get a good feel for whether I'm going to get out of this hole. Wish me luck.

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Injury sucks. Perhaps the rest will do you good on 10th. Good luck!