Sunday, September 12, 2010

Battered but not beaten

My right glute/hamstring continues to be an issue. I can't seem to run more than 30 minutes without significant soreness/tightness the next day. So - I'm going to focus on the elliptical and stationary bike for the next 4-5 days + yoga + deep tissue massage + epson salt soak. I have done this before - which gives me some confidence. Fifteen minutes after taking the photo above of Positano, Italy - I lost control of my rented scooter and banged up my knee in 2002. It was a month before I was going to run the Frankfurt marathon. I couldn't do really any running for that month - but I was on the bike almost everyday. I wasn't even sure that I'd make it 26.2 miles the day of the marathon - but after starting conservatively I started feeling stronger and stronger as each mile went by. The result was a 2:36 - my PR at the time which I didn't beat until Boston in 2009
Even though I was younger - my volume has been higher this summer than it was in 2002 and I feel like I'm a better marathon runner now. Marathons are strange beasts - even though I'd rather not be injured right now - the rest might even do me some good. Regardless I need to just do the best with the cards I've been dealt and show up on 10/10/10 ready to go.

2 comments: said...

Thanks for sharing this inspiration. As someone succumbing to over-training injury, stories like this bring great comfort. Best wishes & Good luck!

catrice said...

This is such an inspiration. Especially for the beginners. Good luck to your future runs!

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