Saturday, March 28, 2009

The packet arrives!

Get ready for over three weeks of minutiae that you may or may not care about :) With that warning - my race packet for Boston came this week!

The packet includes race bib pick-up card with my bib number (1143) and other information. Most importantly, it includes the 22 page program book with schedule of events, expo info, race start area info, "course amenities", finish area info, and beautiful maps to every important geographic area related to the marathon. There is also a booklet on "proper hydration" and of course, another booklet with overpriced (though, i'm sure i'll buy something) merchandise.

Over the next three weeks I'll review every detail - not that it will necessarily help on race day - but, it will somehow make me feel better. Although my first quick read did raise a few questions - 1) how am I getting to the start? - the program book makes it seem like the start line is blocked off for a five mile radius - unles you take the shuttle. But, you're supposed to be on the shuttle by 7am, which wouldn't be so bad, except that it's a 10am race. This is one of the many details that I'll rely on others who have run the race to help me decide.
2) It looks like I have to be at my corral by 9:10 (50 minutes before the race) - how crowded will it be? Is there room to jog around like there was at New York? Are there porta-johns at the corrals?
3)They have water stops every mile - i don't think i should take water every mile - but, how often should I? I guess it depends on the weather - but, i should put together some kind of plan.

to be continued . . .

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