Thursday, March 26, 2009

The day after a hard workout

One of the more significant additions that I've made to my training for Boston is what I do the day after a hard workout.

Nine of the last 12 weeks I've run a 13-15 miles the day after a hard workout. I've never done this before - it seems to help both physically & mentally. Physically, my body is having to adapt to a relatively long run when it's already depleted. But, I think the most positive effect is psychological. Even though the pace isn't too fast - it feels like I've accomplished something when I look at my watch and see that I've run 90+ minutes in the middle of the week.

Although I haven't been posting it on my blog - I've been lifting weights on most of these days as well. It's nice to have a different physical activity to mix things up a little - and my wife thanks me for not wasting away completely.


RM said...

Chris Nowakowski, on our run at FHR the other night, commented on how skinny you look.

How did the workout go the other day?

Ben said...

i'm just glad we made it through - it wasn't very fast, but given my legs probably still in recovery mode - that's ok.