Sunday, November 2, 2008

Phase One: week 1 of 5

Good job to Jake and Ryan on the NYC marathon today. Jake ran a very even paced race off of a great summer of training. I'm guessing Ryan was a little disappointed - but, the good news is that I'm sure he can drop a bunch of time with a little more marathon centered training. The guy has raced 20+ times this year - parties like an animal the last few weeks - organizes our crazy group - and has hardly run a long distance run in the last few months. It was a tough day - but, there's no reason he can't come back to run a qualifying time for Boston in the next few months.

UPDATE: The Boston qualifier is actually 59 seconds slower than I thought. So, Ryan made it in by the skin of his teeth (8 sec). I can't imagine how hard those last few miles were.

Big news from back in my home state of Michigan. My high school team took the state XC meet title on saturday. My old coach, Don Sleeman is still the head coach at 70 years old. When I was a freshman he was still running sub 16 min 5k's - not sure if that says more about my age or his. My senior year (1995) was his last state championship. We were state champs my junior and senior year - one of those years we were ranked #3 in the country. I was fifth man my senior year and got 17th in the state. It was a pretty cool thing to be a part of - and taught me that with a lot of commitment and a little talent you can accomplish a lot - especially if you are surrounded with good people.

Last week
Monday: 6 miles
Tuesday: 0 miles
Wednesday: 6 miles
Thursday: 0 miles
Friday: 8 miles
Saturday: 6 miles
Sunday: 10 miles
Total: 36 miles

This week
Monday: 7 miles
Tuesday: 6 miles
Wednesday: 4 miles
Thursday: 8 miles
Friday: 0 miles
Saturday: 6 miles
Sunday: 9 miles
Total: 40 miles


RM said...

Yeah it was a miserable day, but allegedly I should have been under the BQ time (3:10:51 should be 8 seconds under, never thought in a million years I would need that whole minute). If for some reason it isn't, it looks like I'll have to jump into NCR Marathon!

Ben said...

I didn't know about the whole add 59 seconds rule. According to Alyssa you are in - which is as good as a ruling from the Boston Marathon chairman.

Alyssa said...

haha obvi I'm always right. I'm glad you realize this, Ben. But for any naysayers out there, this quote is taken from the BM website:

*An additional 59 seconds will be accepted for each age group time standard. For example, a net time of 3:50:59 will be accepted for a 42-year-old woman.

gladfelter said...

Great job Ryan and Jake. That last mile must have been hell Ryan - I would have been stressed beyond belief. Wow

Ben, how do you come up with your daily mileage? I suppose there is a pattern but it seems sort of random. I know it's mostly based on the book - anything more to it?

Ben said...

for my daily mileage I usually start with the hard days and/or days where i plan on running with the group a certain distance (like monday's i know i'll run 6-7 mi; or 10 if i run from my place). Most of the long runs are the suggested distance from one of the books - and then i just fill in the rest of the days to get to the mileage i want for that week. the week before i might look at my plan to make sure it's going to work given any weird schedule changes. i also try to imagine how a certain workout will make me feel and make sure i have enough rest. at this point it's more random than later - because there aren't any really hard days yet.

Alyssa said...

Ben - You will be super pumped to know that my own blog is now open to the public. Well, not the entire pubilc, but basically I'm telling the people who I think may find it entertaining to read about my life and training from time to time.

RM said...

Joel - it wasn't just the last mile, it was the last 15 miles of the race that were hell.

Ben - I feel like a punk for having to use up that whole extra minute; but good news for me is I know in my head I took a 2 minute potty break so my actual running time was good enough. Whatever, I'll take it.