Friday, November 28, 2008

Past Marathon Training: Frankfurt

Dedication: When studying abroad it's easy to be distracted from scholastic and personal goals. One must wake up with a sense of purpose and dedication - keeping your eyes on the prize.

Commitment: Any wavering on the daily chores leading up to a difficult challenge will certainly be punished. If not felt the day of - then certainly the morning after.

Sense of Purpose: The gratifying part of all this hard work is that one develops a strong sense of self - an identity that is always with you regardless of the trials and tribulations of life.

Connection to history: Finally, when it's all said and done - you feel a brotherhood with all those in the past who have put a challenge in front of themselves and attacked it with gusto.


RM said...

Geez you look so young in these pics, what were you, 30??

Ben said...

ha ha. actually i was the "old man" back then too. i was in grad school (25) and most of the other "kids" were in their junior year abroad.