Monday, May 31, 2010

Getting rolled

If the best way to stay focused on training is to get humbled every now and again I'm on my way to a great summer of running. Today I ran the Loudon Street Mile here in Winchester. I didn't really know what to expect - which is another way of saying I was hoping for a miracle. I haven't run a mile race in ~11 years. I haven't run any track workouts for a month - but, I did want to support the main race that the local running store, Runners Retreat, puts on each year.
At the start line I felt ok even though it was pretty warm. The gun went off and I realized I had no idea what I was doing. I felt like I was sprinting - but, I thought that was how I was supposed to feel - until the quarter mile mark which I went through in 63 seconds. Probably a little quick - within the next 200 meters I felt the always bad sign of my fingers tingling. Even though the last half mile was mostly downhill I had nothing - I started slowing dangerously close to my 5k pace from this spring. Even more disturbing everybody and their mother passed me in the last quarter mile. I ended up running 4:40 way back in 13th place - which is not too far off what I wanted time wise - but, it was a painful and dumb way to run it.
The only redeeming part of the day was that my wife surprised herself by going under 8 minutes and getting 3rd place in her age group. Time to put that debacle out of my head and focus on a distance where I can actually PR - the marathon. This week I hit 90 miles for the first time since March of 2009. June is the month where I'll start to run hard workouts and set the tone for the entire summer. It's go time.

Last Week
Monday: 8 miles
Tuesday morning: 4 miles
Tuesday: 12 miles 7X150m
Wednesday: 10 miles
Thursday morning: 4 miles
Thursday evening: 12 miles 7X150m
Friday: 8.5 miles
Saturday: 17 miles
Sunday: 6.5 miles
Total: 82 miles

This Week
Monday morning: 8 miles Loudon Street Mile
Monday evening: 4 miles
Tuesday: 10.5 miles
Wednesday: 13 miles
Thursday morning: 4 miles
Thursday evening: 12 miles 8X150m
Friday: 8.5 miles
Saturday: 10 miles
Sunday: 20 miles
Total: 90 miles

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