Sunday, January 17, 2010

Gettin' it in

Today was miserable. I've run in all kinds of weather and I think high-30's and rain is one of the more difficult to deal with. It might be cold enough for gloves - but, they're completely useless. Not to mention the fact that I'm about 10 lbs over my ideal racing weight. Thursday wasn't much better. I hit the track for some "fast" 200's and 800's only to find several patches of ice on the backstretch. So, each 800 I was squinting in the dark trying to find the glistening "death patches". I only came close to falling once - but, it probably didn't help my times.
I'm in an odd place right now. I certainly hoped to be in better shape right now - but, I have a long eight months until my real goal race of 2010. I find myself with the following decision - do I push up my miles now (80-90 miles a week) or play it more conservatively by building up my mileage more slowly to make sure I stay healthy for the heavy training I'm planning on for this summer? I decided on the latter - I won't hit 80 miles until the 3rd week of February. The easiest way to get injured is trying to do too much when you're not ready. Hopefully my patience will pay off - it might mean slower times this spring, but I should be healthy enough push myself this summer to be under 2:30 this fall.

Last Week
Monday: 7 miles
Tuesday: 10 miles 2X3mi (5:45+5:37+5:41=17:03; 5:38+5:41+5:46=17:05)
Wednesday: 8 miles
Thursday morning: 4 miles
Thursday evening: 10 miles 4 X (200m R pace 200m jog 200m R pace 400m jog 800m R pace 400m jog) (34.9, 35.7, 2:28.5; 37.1, 35.2, 2:26.2; 36.8, 36.9, 2:29.1; 35.7, 35.6, 2:27.6)
Friday: 0 miles
Saturday: 8 miles
Sunday: 17 miles
Total: 64 miles

This Week
Monday: 7 miles
Tuesday: 10 miles 3mi T pace 3 min rest 2mi T pace 2min rest 1 mi T pace
Wednesday: 8 miles
Thursday : 12 miles 4X(2min hard 1min jog 1min hard 30sec jog 30sec hard 30sec jog)
Friday: 4 miles
Saturday: 11 miles 6X hills
Sunday: 17 miles
Total: 69 miles


alyssa said...

69 miles this week? hey heeyyyyyyy

brennan said...

"Gettin' it in"

hey heeyyyyyy