Sunday, December 21, 2008

Phase Two: week 3 of 5

I changed up the titles for my weekly "This week and last week" posts. The numbering system didn't mean anything other than how many weeks I had been writing the blog - so, I'm using the phase and week of that phase for the titles. As a reminder, I'm using a five phase approach to train for Boston - with each phase lasting five weeks - except for the last phase which will last four weeks. For those of you wondering how this relates to Pfitzinger's or Daniels' four phase/mesocycle approach - my 3rd phase is basically the transition from phase/mesocycle two to three. Each of my phases is made up of four weeks of building up mileage/intensity and one week of "recovery" level mileage. For example the mileage progression for my current phase is 73, 77, 81, 88, 66.

Last week wasn't a perfect week. Although I made it out to the track on Tuesday for a decent workout - I didn't do hills on Friday because it was miserable outside and I was weak. The long run went pretty well today. The next few weeks will test my legs - 81 miles next week and 88 the week after. I'll also be running in some very different conditions. We're heading to Ann Arbor for Christmas where they just had 9 inches of snow - then we are headed to Key West on New Years Day where it should be in at least the mid-70's most days. Rough - I know.

Last week
Monday: 7 miles
Tuesday Morning: 9 miles- 5X1200 3:50-3:54 3 min rest
Tuesday Evening: 4 mi easy
Wednesday: 13 miles
Thursday: 8.5 miles
Friday: 10 miles
Saturday: 6.5 miles
Sunday: 19 miles
Total: 77 miles

This week
Monday: 7.5 miles
Tuesday Morning: 10 miles- 4 miles threshold pace (~5:35 per mile)
Tuesday Evening: 4 mi easy
Wednesday: 14 miles
Thursday: 7 miles
Friday: 12 miles hills
Saturday: 6.5 miles
Sunday: 20 miles
Total: 81 miles


RM said...

Ann Arbor is a whore.

How was the run today, did the weather give you any trouble? Also, how was Loch Raven for that length?

Ben said...

Wow - you just LOVE that phrase.

Actually the weather was fine - no rain - it was a little frozen/slippery/wet on the trails, but not bad. The route we did was alright - but, I'd like to do a little more exploration in Loch Raven.

One thing today's run taught me is that Kris is strong.

RM said...

Ha, Kris is strong, like in the way that he made sweet passionate, yet gentle love to you?

Or strong like you guys fell off a rock escarpment and he held onto your hand delicately yet tenuously as you slipped away, before readjusting his hold and pulling you up?

THE KRIS said...

wow, that was... wow.

ryan, you would have loved the awkward fist-bump/handshake moment that ben and i had when i dropped him off. it was awkward enough to cause ben to say, "that was awkward".

alyssa said...

Ben can you also turn off the profile pics on the comment section of your blog so I can blork? My boss doesn't see the work value in Ryan's mummy man that is coming off the screen.

Ben said...

sure alyssa - always glad to help someone to be more "efficient."

ryan - i'm glad that i was vague enough for you to let your imagination run wild.