Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Quick Post on Laith

Wow - that was awesome.  I jumped up from my couch - I clapped and I even got a little teary.  To see your friend nail something so perfectly in front of 10 million people on live TV.  There are no words.

The content of the song was perfect too.  This is Laith - this really is who he is as a person.
Laith has very strong views on many things - which sometimes gets him into conflict (even with his friends ; ) - but at his core he is all about love.  When we were teenagers it was impossible to go anywhere with him without him knowing someone.  He is a true extrovert.  He gets his energy from being around others - and he in turn energizes the people around him.  The lyrics - "getting high with a little help from his friends" - it's almost as if it was written for him.

When Laith talked about how music is important because it brings people together I knew it was going to be good.  Although Laith is a great technical musician and has spent plenty of alone time perfecting his craft - Laith is a musician because he loves people.  He understands how to connect with people - that is what makes him a successful musician.

So, how do you vote?  Laith's sister Mina wrote some instructions.  Here they are:

Team Laith, here are the details for VOTING ON THE APP. On the app, you may vote beginning at showtime: 8:00 p.m. (4/12) - noon (4/13) ET. Since you know he will be awesome, you could knock out some voting early. Your call. THANK YOU!!!
1. To begin, open the App and click the red VOTE button.
2. Select Laith's image
3. Slide the dial on the right up to 10.
5. Confirm that you see "THANK YOU FOR VOTING. LAITH AL-SAADI" AND "YOU SAVED 10 VOTES". If you made a mistake, click KEEP VOTING and repeat the process to assign 10 votes to Laith.
6. That is it! Now go to NBC.com to vote for Laith beginning at 10:00 p.m.
7. Finally, if you like it, download Laith's new iTunes song. Do this between 9:55 p.m. (4/12) - noon (4/13) ET and you will give him at least 1 extra vote. Please be aware that there is a fee associated with downloading the song.

Ok - I think that is all the info you will need.  Again - awesome job my friend - so happy for you!

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