Sunday, March 16, 2014

Another year closer to death

Just kidding - kind of.  Remember when you're a kid and you can't wait to get older?  It even extends into your twenties as people seem to take you less seriously only because you're young.  That feeling ends in your mid-thirties - of which I am coming to the end (I turned 37 today).

Don't get me wrong - I have nothing to complain about.  I'm healthy - I don't have any physical limitations.  Age might be just a number - but that number can feel a little scary.  It's hard not to think that forty is just around the corner - then fifty - yikes!  The other disturbing part of getting older is that the time seems to go past even faster.  It's like when you're driving to work in the morning and you can't remember driving there.  I kind of think that way about my mid-thirties.  It feels like I was 32 just yesterday - and yet that was five years ago.

Ok - enough feeling sorry for myself.  I'm going to do something I haven't done on here in awhile.  Write about my training.  Here is what I did over the last week.

Monday - Morning: 3000y swim (1 hour)
Afternoon: 36 mile bike (2 hours)
Tuesday - Day off
Wednesday - Morning: 3000y swim (1 hour)
Afternoon: 6 mile run (45 min)
Thursday - 47 mile bike (2.5 hours)
Friday - Morning 3000y swim (1 hour)
Afternoon: 4 mile run (30 min)
Saturday - 10 miles 3X2 miles w/ 2 min rest (11:08; 11:09; 11:20) (a little over 1 hour)
Sunday - 17 miles (2 hours)
Total - Swim: 3 hours Bike: 4.5 hours Run: 4.25 hours (11.75 hours)

It's a pretty good week for mid-March.  If I was only training for a triathlon than I would put more time into the bike and less into running (probably 6 hours on the bike and only 3 on the run).  But I am focusing on running a good half-marathon at Lincoln in early May. 

I was very happy with my 3X2 mile workout yesterday.  I think I've got a decent shot at a sub 1:15 for the Lincoln half.  I felt pretty strong on my long run today as well.

Ok - time for this old man to rest.

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