Monday, January 2, 2012


The most important ingredient in any success I've had with running has had to do with executing a good plan.  There are times in any training cycle when you start to doubt your plan - but experience tells you to keep pushing through - that the full benefits won't show themselves fully until the target race.  There is one major exception to the "stick-to-the-plan-at-all-costs" mentality - injuries. 

I've had an on and off battle with my glute/hamstring issue since August of 2010.  Part of my reasoning in focusing on running this winter was to see how much it could handle.  Well - it appears not that much.  I got up near 50 miles the last few weeks and the pain creeped up with each run.  At first it was only on hard workouts or runs more than 90 minutes - but by the middle of last week I was feeling it even just laying in bed.

Given that it is only January and my goal race is in September it seemed like the perfect time to give my leg complete rest for a month - at least from running.  Swimming and biking don't seem to have any real impact on the injury - so, I'll continue to do those along with weights and yoga. 

I'm also going to go see a medical professional to figure out if there's anything else I can do than just rest.    

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