Saturday, October 29, 2011

The struggle itself

Sisyphus was the King in Greek mythology who was forced to roll a large rock up a hill for perpituity.  Many interpretations have been made about the meaning of this myth.  The interpretation that rings most true to me comes from Albert Camus, who believed that the myth of Sisyphus signified the absurdity of life.  We struggle to find meaning in a world without eternal truths.  Some people might decide that life it not worth living without meaning, but Camus says that it "requires revolt."  He concludes that "the struggle itself is enough to fill a man's heart.  One must imagine Sisyphus happy." 

As runners we put a lot of effort into something that may seem meaningless to many.  Most of us don't gain fortune or fame - we just gain the knowledge that we have given our best effort - that we have prepared as best we can and executed our plans as perfectly as possible. 

For me this explains why I enjoy running more than anything - the struggle itself fills my heart. 

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RM said...


Every DAY I'm struggling.

A Sisphyean Task is, next to Pyhrric Victory, my favorite euphemism.

Keep strugglin' Ben, we're all brothers and sisters in it.