Sunday, March 7, 2010

Thanks for the memories

For those of you who don't know, my wife and I are going to be moving from Baltimore to Winchester, VA early next month. She is starting a new job at Shenandoah University - and of course it doesn't matter much for me since I work from home. It's a little bitter-sweet. It's certainly a change that my wife needs to make for a lot of reasons, but I will certainly miss my friends/training group here in Baltimore.
Since we moved here three years ago I've gotten into the best shape since college. I'm about to turn 33 this month, so it's kind of fun to still have the opportunity to run PR's at some distances. Ryan McGrath will probably deny it and say something like - "I can't do the training for you" - but, he has created a running group that's unlike any other I've ever seen. The focus is on fun - but, we all have a strong motivation to run well too. This combination of fun and yet having so many other club members doing truly inspiring things was exactly what I needed to make running fresh for me again.
It looks like there are some decent runners in Winchester - so, hopefully I'll have some company as I look to push myself this summer. I should have more than enough soft surfaces which will be a nice change from the pavement of Baltimore. And it's not so far from Baltimore that I can't meet up for a long run every once in awhile.
My training went pretty well this week. I was all kinds of sore on Tuesday - so, it felt good to run right around 5 min pace for my intervals on Tuesday. Today I ran my longest run since November. I feel like I'm in a strong place right now - but, we'll see how the Baltimore Kelly Shamrock 5k goes next week. I've never run this race even though it starts 3 blocks from our apartment and is one of the larger races in Baltimore. I was hoping to run a 5k at the University of Maryland outdoor meet on 3/27 - but, it sounds like they are no longer running the 5k - so, I'll have to find something else.

Last Week
Monday: 9 miles
Tuesday morning: 4 miles
Tuesday evening: 12 miles 5X1mi I pace 800 rest (5:03.8, 5:00.7, 5:00.8, 4:59.7, 4:58.7)
Wednesday: 10 miles
Thursday morning: 4 miles
Thursday evening: 10 miles
Friday: 6 miles
Saturday: 11 miles 4X200 2X400 1X800 2X400 4X200 (34.3; 34.8; 33.7; 34.2; 68.5; 69; 2:22.3; 70.6; 68.7; 35; 35.9; 34; 34.2)
Sunday: 21.5 miles
Total: 87.5 miles

This Week
Monday: 9 miles
Tuesday morning: 4 miles
Tuesday evening: 12.5 miles 6X1mi I pace 800 rest
Wednesday: 10 miles
Thursday morning: 4 miles
Thursday evening: 14 miles 4 mi @ T pace 4 min rest 3 mi @ T pace 3 min rest 2 mi @ T pace 2 min rest 1 mi @ T pace
Friday: 10 miles
Saturday: 6 miles
Sunday: 14 miles 5k Baltimore Shamrock
Total: 83.5 miles

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Alex said...

We'll miss you Ben! Come back often.