Friday, September 4, 2009

Now for something completely different

You may have noticed that I haven't posted for awhile. Kendra and I have been out of town a lot lately - so, I decided to give myself a little break. But, I also just haven't had much interesting to say in regards to running. I've really enjoyed the blogging process, but I've decided it's time to move on to another topic. I came up with an idea - I'm not sure it will be great - but, it's something.

Awhile ago I decided that I'm not going to drink alcohol during the month of September (four days down!) so that I could be in the best possible shape for the Army 10 miler. In the last two days I 1) read a few chapters in the book Roads to Quoz by one of my favorite authors, William Least Heat Moon. These chapters were dedicated to a woman who lives incredibly simply. She's basically like a nun. Taking as little from the world and giving as much as she can. I was inspired. 2) watched a "Mega Disastors" show about peak oil. I've been reading about this idea for probably five years, but it reminded me how rough life could become.

So, I decided to abstain from something that I have dependence on, but know in my heart probably isn't good for me or the world. It's kind of a year of Lents. Yes, Morgan Spurlock did something similar - this is going to be better - but, I can't promise it won't be less preachy ; )

So, here's the list - for more info visit my new blog. I welcome any suggestions on new ideas. This list is very open to modification.

September 2009: Alcohol
October 2009: Clutter
November 2009: TV/Movies (does not include sports)
December 2009: The internet
January 2010: All animal related products
February 2010: Food prepared by others
March 2010: Purchases other than food/housing/clothing
April 2010: Trash
May 2010: Transportation that uses oil
June 2010: Time (volunteer once a day)
July 2010: Processed food
August 2010: Food made more than 100 mi away
September 2010: All of the above (except possibly animal products)


RM said...

Sept 2010: the month leading up to Chicago you're going to try to pull that all off?

alyssa said...

RIP Fun Ben.

RM said...

Alyssa: Fun Ben died sometime around the St. Ides of March...ha

brennan said...

Do you have a kid on the way as well? Damn.

At least keep us (ME) updated with your weekly training schedule/secrets.

Thanks. And if you're having a kid, that's okay; just make sure to not listen to Alyssa when she tries to convince you to name it after her. She put down the guilt trip hard on Kris.

Ben said...

ha ha very funny. actually - i think i might keep this blog going just to post my training. i kind of like having my training posted online - it keeps me honest. but, i'm not going write anything unless i think i have something to say.