Sunday, June 7, 2009

A New Season

I'm not sure why I didn't write about this last week - but, I've now entered my 18 week training cycle focused on the Army 10 miler. Last week was my first hard workout since Boston - and a mixture of fresh legs along with some cash incentives ($7,500 purse Race for Our Kids) prodded me into my first "real" race since Boston.

I knew that my place was going to be completely determined by who showed up. I'm just not in a place yet where I can mix it up with the big dogs. Well - pretty much every runner I was afraid of from Baltimore showed up today - along with a contingent from DC and No. VA (They somehow evaded our police barracade on both 95 & 295). The only thing I could hope for is that several of them would go out too fast and I could catch them on the brutal half-mile hill at the end.

It was not meant to be - other than Kyle allowing me to come within sniffing distance for the first and probably last time it was a pretty uneventful race. And except for a DNF - I was in the same place at a half-mile that I was at the finish. I got second in my age group - in a time that was six minutes faster than that place was last year. Proving once again that races cycle through fast & slow times - and if last year's results were slow you should probably count on them being fast this year.

Last Week
Monday: 7 miles
Tuesday morning: 4 miles
Tuesday afternoon: 9.5 miles - hills - 7X400-600 meters
Wednesday: 10 miles
Thursday: 8.5 miles
Friday: 10 miles
Saturday: 4 miles
Sunday: 10.5 miles 10k 33:52 (5:11;5:31;5:36;5:28;5:23;5:36;1:06)
Total: 63.5 miles

This Week
Monday: 7 miles
Tuesday morning: 4 miles
Tuesday afternoon: 9 miles Track workout
Wednesday: 8 miles
Thursday: 0 miles
Friday: 17 miles
Saturday: 6 miles
Sunday: 12 miles Survivor Harbor 7 mile
Total: 63 miles


THE KRIS said...

nice job today. that course is a beast and the sun was killer. several people collapsed on the course and i think you know that steve crane dnf'd... think about how scary that is.

RM said...

Wait, your last mile was a 5:36? That is absurd! I guess Kyle was 1st in your age group?

Friday 17 miles? For a second I was going to say I'd be up for it but then I realized no, no I wouldn't be. Guess you're doing it Friday to knock it out of the way before going away on your trip!

fbg said...

I ran that race out of shape a few years ago, so I know how it is. Kip was there, too, out of shape. I think the time of year caught us off guard, but it might be worth training for in the future, considering the serious dough that's on the line.

@Kris: Steve Crane DNFing doesn't mean anything. I've raced against him and his old teammates enough to realize that that's their culture. They had a guy stepping off the course every other race. If they hadn't had so many talented runners, it may have mattered. But they did, so they still won races.

Personal disclaimer: That kid's still #2 on my hate-to-lose-to list. (Thank God I have a winning record against him, or else I'd have gone crazy by now).

Ben said...

Well - i know it's a little odd, but here's my reasoning for the 17 miler on friday. I didn't get a long run in this last week and don't want to skip it two weeks in a row, I doubt that I'll want to put in a 7-8 mile cool down after survivor harbor seven, and finally I want to run sh7 as more of a hard tempo run than a race - a 17 mile run two days prior will help me from getting too "frisky".

The thing i'm happiest about right now - is that this is one of the few times since college when I've gone from one training "cycle" to the next without going through a period of complete inactivity and major weight gain. You guys have a lot to do with that - so, thank you.

RM said...

Great, I contributed to getting my own butt stomped by Ben!

BG: 6/4/2006 Race For Our Kids 10k

Dave Berdan 2nd 31:39
Brian Godsey 3rd 32:16
Kip Bitok 7th 33:13

In other years Dave has gone 31:27 and 32:23. Kip has run the fastest at 31:19 but has never won. Just some trivia for you guys on a Monday morning.

THE KRIS said...

fbg- when i saw crane walking my first thought was, "oh, he knows he isn't getting top 3 so he dropped out," but since i don't know the guy i thought i'd give him the benefit of the doubt and pretend that he was having a tough day.

Ben said...

maybe fbg is right, but he still could have won $80 for first place in his age group and he drove over an hour to get there. It's not like there was no motivation if he wasn't in the top 3 - so, i'm guessing it was a little more serious than something that could be cleared up by vagisil.

RM said...

I don't know, I offered him a Summer's Eve douche product and he declined, I said it might help him feel fresher.

We saw him on a run after the race with his buddy. Guess he was okay enough to run, just not in it mentally.