Monday, September 29, 2008



I kind of felt sorry for Geb at the Olympics last month. One of the greatest runners of all time was limited to basic pacing duties for his countrymen in the 10k. But, at the end of the race he had a big smile on his face even though he didn't medal. Maybe he knew something the rest of us didn't.

Gebrselassie is one of those mythic men of running - at the age of 35 he runs the first marathon under 2 hours and 4 minutes. His first world record was the 5,000 meters in 12:56 and change in 1994. Think of that - he's been setting world records for 14 years! That's incredible.

Also incredible is his range - the difference between 5k and 42k is quite a bit - and yet he's been the best in the world at both distances and everything between. The man has had a movie made about him (Endurance, 1999) which was actually pretty good.

He has two Olympic gold medals and 8 world championships for indoor and outdoor track. Pretty much an overall stud. In terms of range and length of career, he is probably the greatest distance runner of all time.

To put his marathon pace in perspective - there are only 15 Americans who have ever run faster than 1 hour 2 minutes for the HALF marathon. That's sick.

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